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These are the terms and conditions of Whiskytrader.com.
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To buy and sell at Whiskytrader.com you need to me 18 years or older
For each country this can be different. You need to comply with the regulations of the country you live in..


WhiskyTrader.com is made for whisky lovers and is provided with information and items to be auctioned by the users of this site. The content of the site is constantly monitored by the WhiskyTrader.com team. However, all posted information, links and photos remain the responsibility of the seller. We cannot be held responsible for the data entered by the users of the site. Every transaction takes place between buyer and seller. The correct & undamaged delivery of the correct Whisky is therefore the responsibility of the seller. WhiskyTrader.com cannot be held responsible in the event of a dispute between both parties. We leave our users free to post information, links and photos with regard to the Whiskys offered.

To prevent fraud, all payments of the item(s) sold must be made to whiskeytrader.com. WhiskyTrader.com pays the selling party as soon as the buyer receives the item(s).

Intellectual property/ownership?

Trademarks, images & logos regarding the website and company of WhiskyTrader.com belong to WhiskyTrader.com. For all photos that have been used, WhiskyTrader.com has paid the licenses or rights to the offering party. It is therefore not permitted to copy this content from the site and use it in any other commercial way. If you want to use our intellectual property, we ask you to contact us first via: info@whiskytrader.com

Protection of Personal Data

When you complete the registration on WhiskyTrader.com you must provide your personal data. This is important in order to be able to bring both parties into contact with each other in the event of a purchase or sale in order to arrange the shipment. All personal data will be treated confidentially by us and data will only be exchanged during this sales process as indicated and communicated in advance by us.

The treatment of your data is in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act. If you have any questions regarding the protection of personal data, please contact us via: info@whiskytrader.com


WhiskeyTrader.com is registered in the Netherlands and is subject to Dutch law and regulations

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